TB1F and Brax are dedicated to making a difference. Being able to provide positive experiences or 'day brighteners' that can immediately affect patients and families is critical to Brax's mission.  

Take a look at what we are doing below to further this mission.

 No One Fights Alone! We Got This! 



TB1F Champions Cup

TB1Fund's Annual Fundraiser in support of the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.  This one of a kind event blends a mix of horse racing, silent & live auctions, and a party atmosphere in a unique and exclusive venue.  All funds raised go back to helping Brax further her mission of supporting programming that makes an immediate impact to patients and families at the hospital.   Areas of focus are Brax's specific programs, Child Family Life, Kyle Rudolph's Endzone, The Zucker Family Suite & Broadcast Studio, and the Fleck Family Row The Boat Fund.



One of TB1F's primary focus areas is Child Family Life.  This group is instrumental in making not only the patient's time on Floor 5 as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, but also the entire family.  Brax was immediately blown away by this wonderful group of people and their role in the hospital and she wants to make CFL a focus area by providing patients and families with entertainment, meal and incidental gift cards to help with day to day needs.  The time spent in the hospital away from family and friends outside of your normal "comfort" zone can be very challenging and overwhelming and TB1F wants to help in making this easier in any way possible.  

In addition, there is also a special request form which can be filled out for special or specific requests.  For many families, they are coming to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital from out of town and many much further away.  There may be times a family needs extra help in regards to travel, lodging or even coordinating a special family member or friend to come visit.  TB1F wants to try and help.  Click on the link below for an application for special requests and return to your CFL team member or directly to TB1F.



Brax in partnership with UNRL is providing every new Floor 5 oncology patient with a very special (and exclusive) TB1F/UNRL T-Shirt.  

Brax was an instant fan of UNRL after seeing their clothing at the Champions for Children Golf Event to support the Masonic Children's Hospital.  And one of their catch phrases couldn't fit more perfectly - "you are what you wear".  Every kid on Floor 5 is truly UNREAL and what better way to show it than by wearing it.


"DONUT EVER GIVE UP!" w/ Dunkin'

One of Brax's favorite days around the hospital is when they hold special social events and bring food to the main lobby (Olive Garden, Red Rabbit, Ice Cream, and more).  Brax's favorite morning food (or anytime food) is donuts and more specifically Dunkin' chocolate glazed donuts.  She coined the phrase "Donut Ever Give Up!" and in honor of that we will be having a quarterly Dunkin' breakfast for all Masonic patients and families in the main lobby.  


Flippin' 5K for TB1Fund hosted by TCT Gymnastics

Our 1st Annual Flippin' 5K for TB1Fund hosted by TCT Gymnastics was a huge success..  We are already working on the 2020 5K.   Thanks to our generous sponsors, all registered race/walk participants will receive an exclusive Flippin' 5K long sleeve by UNRL and all proceeds will go to help supporting programming at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.  Check back for the link to register and for more details. We look forward to seeing you at the race in 2020!


End Zone / Zucker Studio / Fleck Family RTB

Kyle Rudolph's End Zone, the Zucker Family Suite and Broadcast Studio, and the "Row The Boat" Fleck Family Fund  all play incredible roles in patients and families day to day lives around the hospital and these spaces set the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital apart from others.  TB1F will be working to support these programs and all they do to provide an unparalleled in-house experience.  The culture around Masonic is truly amazing!